Short Story: A Horse Called Man

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

For this week’s short story, the best talking horse story you will read today. Click on the image to zoom in and enjoy.

A Horse Called Man

A little background: The origin of the tale is me annoying my girlfriend with a hilarious character of a horse that is adament that he is  human, despite the fact all his objections began with “Ne-ne-neigh!”. We laughed and moved on with our lives.

I had forgotten about my talking horse, until one day a delayed flight meant I finished the book I was reading before I got on the plane. To pass the time on the flight, I decided to write a story, any story. But the only thing I could think of was the horse, so in the blank pages at the back of A Series of Unfortunate Events 11: The Grim Grotto, I started to write. By the time I landed in Gatwick, I had written the entirity of this story, more or less as you are reading it.

I was happy with the results, so much so that I entered it into the RTé Guide/Penguin Short Story 2010 competition (which incidently is on again this year) and won a place in the workshop with various Penguin Ireland writers like Niamh Greene and Sinead Moriaty. It was great and inspired me to finish writing my novel of which I had written about five chapters and probalby would of stayed that way if I had not gone.

Thank you, Abgale, you stud.


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