Cork Christmas Carol: A Reflection

November 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Three years ago, I had a stunningly original idea; a version of a Christmas Carol, but set in Cork. So we, the Gifted Babies created “Cork Christmas Carol”, which became a rather lopsided view of the original. I thought since it is the season and what not, I would offer some thoughts on it, looking back on its three year anniversary. Here is the short (enjoy!) and meet me below for some thoughts.


  • The opening montage of Cork combined with narration has quite a Woody Allen vibe to it. If he is watching this, Cork would be a great setting for a nebbish character to find love.
  • This is a good recipe for mulled wine, the most valuable message this film imparts.
  • Lucy has a low bar to clear for her best Christmas ever.
  • Typical Wesley! Only appears at Christmas when the women have made the dinner, and worse yet, doesn’t use a fork. This is why no one invites the Ghost Of Christmas Future to parties.
  • If memory serves me correctly, that dinner was delicious.
  • A good way to test your narrator: Write long, run on sentences in the style of Dickens.
  • A better way to test your narrator: Make him recite the long, run on sentences in the style of Dickens in the voice of Patrick Stewart.
  • Everyone keeps their poison next to their cinnamon, right? (Incidentally, the original script had a different death for Lucy in mind: She left the oven on after muling the wine. However accidental death by poison suited the resultant tone better.)
  • When we filmed this, it never snowed in Cork. Of course now we had it quite regularly since and more is expected this year. Way to date the film, weather!
  • I must compliment the entire cast’s performance in this. It’s all good. (All except my acting, which can only be described as “Deer in Headlights”). Great Work, Aida, Hayret, and Jan (who also did camera work, special effects and editing)!
  • Scrooge is watching Carnival of Souls, an excellent film, which (Spoilers) contains one of the first example of the “I was Dead all along” twist ending which has since been run into the ground.
  • That last shot is very nice.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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