A 100 word play

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen.

Associate: Ninety six.

 Speaker: We have been permitted to speak only one hundred words on this stage.

Associate: Eighty one.

Speaker: So my associate here will keep track of how many words we have remaining.

Associate: Sixty five.

Speaker: My intention is to perform a fantastically succinct monologue that will inform and enrich you, the audience.

Associate: Forty six.

Speaker: How many do we have left?

Associate: Thirty eight.

Speaker: That can’t be right. 

Associate: Thirty two.

Speaker: Wait, are you counting the numbers you are stating?

Associate: Twenty one.

Speaker: Twenty one? That’s not enough time to entertain people.

Associate: Eleven.

Speaker: Hang on.

Associate: Eight.

Speaker: Wait! Have a good night, every…

Associate: One.


(This was submitted to http://100wordplays.com, the only rule being that play could only be 100 words long.)


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