Bell Jars and Picture books

February 4, 2013 § 3 Comments

Last Friday, I had the interesting experience of tweeting a joke cover that travelled all over the internet and landed in several news websites! It was a rather silly comment on the Bell Jar 50th anniversary controversy which was picked up in The GuardianThe IndependentMedia Bistro and

Now I can reveal the results of briefly becoming  internet famous.

  • I have €1,453 in internet money, which is redeemed at the bank in laughter.
  • I’m invited to the LOLcats spring fling, but I’m not allowed bring a +1.
  • I now know the secret self destruct code for the blogosphere. Turns out it is a combination of the nursery rhyme the captain told his daughter and fuzzily remembered Simpson references.
  • Everyone likes 60s Air Stewardesses. EVERYONE!

In other exciting news, my Inis interview with the very talented illustrator and comics person, Sarah McIntyre  is online here. It is well worth a read and has some fantastic pictures too. Her blog is, a good source of beards and glasses drawing, which is what all of us want our bespectacled, stubbly hearts.

UPDATE: My team of hostesses have popped up on in the Guardian again!
FURTHER UPDATE: …And now the Irish Times! Complete with a link to Flipping Channels, a movie I wrote and starred in.

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