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My latest List of Shame entry!

List of Shame


There is a theological discussion that never came up in Religion class but I feel should be answered:  why does the Devil make so many lousy horror films? For years, this never made any sense to me. There is such a rich background and hey, what is scarier than the beast who runs Hell and dishes out endless punishements? Yet, for every Exorcist, we have dozens “End of Days”, multitudes of “Bless this Child” and scores of “The Devil Inside”.  Watching today’s entry, the brilliant Rosemary’s Baby, reminded me what one of the main issue is: The Great Satan is pretty silly looking.

Adapted from the bestselling book by Ira Levin, Rosemary’s Baby is about a pregnant young Mia Farrow who becomes convinced that her neighbours and general support network are Satanists and they are going to steal her child for nefarious reasons, a premise that cannily plays what I…

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