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Off to see the List, the wonderful List of Shame! (i.e. my latest post)

List of Shame


I have never visited The Wizard of Oz before now because I felt like I already had. I read the book years ago and I watched the sequel Return to Oz, a film known for its amazing advances in filming your most terrifying childhood nightmares. In addition, there is no avoiding Oz. Since its release in 1939, it has clutched its grip into popular culture and never left go, continuing to this day to inspire tributes, parodies and a conspiracy to sell copies of The Dark Side of the Moon. However the time had come for me to link arms and skip down the yellow brick road.

During my trip, I learnt Oz filled with odd creatures and friendly characters, including a scarecrow with low self esteem, Iron Man and an irritating cat. Outside the main band of the travellers,  I especially liked the grouchy oaks who were protective of their…

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