Charlie and The Dinosaur Factory

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Nevermind Steven Spielberg’s version of The BFG, I want to see Roald Dahl’s Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park


World Book Day: Grown Up Matilda

March 6, 2014 § 1 Comment



In honour of World Book Day, I drew a grown up Matilda to demonstrate the happiness and health one accrues from a lifetime of reading. Enjoy!

Just a couple of recent Doodles

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What is That Noise? Part 2

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CoverPart two is up here, you lucky dogs!


New Comic!

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Part one of “What is that Noise?” on the Penny Dreadful site! Click on the eerie hand to proceed!Panel

Get Debussy Living or Get Debussy Dying…

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In honour of Debussy’s 151th birthday and the Google Doodle which is quite nice, a sketch of the composer himself!


A Most Royal Desire

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A consequence of gay marriage: this will be the most popular book of the future…

A Most Royal Desire

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