2012 – Animosity (Written by Cethan Leahy & Erin Hug, Directed by Erin Hug)

From the Press Release:
“Cethan Leahy and Erin Hug will present ‘Animosity’, a comedy about
murder in the country and animals who have secrets, from November
14th – 17th at 8pm at La Catedral Studios on Saint Augustine Street
in Dublin. There will be a children’s matinee of the second half of the
play (tickets each €5) on November 17th at 2pm.
‘Animosity’ is a play of two halves. The first half is a satirical look
at a bored upper class married couple, William and Charlotte
whose weekend in a country manor is ruined by the inconvenient
appearance of two murdered guests. They suspect each other of
committing the grisly crime and the Inspector suspects both of them.
It is cheerfully dark farce recalling the likes of the famed mystery
writer, Noel Coward and comic genius, Agatha Christie.
From high society to the deep forest, the second half concerns Bear
and Wolf, two animals in the wood searching for food and depending
on each other for survival. However, one has a secret the other must
never know. A sometimes lighthearted, sometimes moving study on
friendship, nature and talking animals.
Staged in an innovative and exciting style incorporating projection
and video, ‘Animosity’ is a comedy for our difficult times. It is a
reminder that the past wasn’t that great and the future is not so bad.
It has everything one would want in a night at the theatre: Murder!
Laughs! Bears in Pants!”
2011 – Stalling For Godot (Written by Cethan Leahy, Directed by Cathal O’Donovan)
A short play staged as part of the NoDrama theatre Shindig night.

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